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Аккорд песни Cabeso Juan - Take the money and run
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Дата добавления: 09.06.2010
Категория: C

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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 19:06:28 -0800
From: Terry Stewart
Subject: CRD: Take_the_money_and_run.crd by Juan Cabeso

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Transcribed by John Stewart
Take the $$$ and run as performed by Juan Cabeso and
The One man Carnival Freak Show

I was born a little nino down in Mexico
Moved into a little house made of clay
All my neighbors said we smell like fishes
I just lauged and told them to go away
Bb F

Take the money, Take the money and run
Take the money, Take the money and run
Gonna take the money, gonna take the money and run

Gettin the hell out of Tijuana
Runnin for the border with my marijuana
Goin to the states to find a little nina
I was told I could find one in east L.A.

Hey Hey

F C G Bb F
Gettin the hell out of tijuana
Gonna get some pesos, for my dollar

you could have me jerkin it on stage and thousands of
People would come see it-Juan Toddagio

Cabeso Juan - Take the money and run аккорд песни