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Аккорд песни Marilyn Manson - Terrible Lie
Просмотров: 272
Дата добавления: 08.09.2010
Категория: M
 Em C
Hey god, why are you doing this to me?
G D D+ D
am i not living up to what i´m supposed to be?
Em C
why am i seething with this animosity?
G D D+ D
hey god, i think you owe me a great big apology
Em C
terrible lie
G D D+ D
terrible lie
Em C
terrible lie
G D D+ D
terrible lie

hey god, i really don´t know what you mean
seems like salvation comes only in our dreams
i feel my hatred grow all the more extreme
hey god, can this world really be as sad as it seems


don´t take it away from me
i need someone to hold on to
don´t take it away from me
i need someone to hold on to

hey god, there´s nothing left for me to hide
i lost my ignorance, security and pride
i´m all alone in a world you must despise
hey god, i believed the promises, the promises and lies


you made me throw it all away
my morals left to decay
how many you betray
you´ve taken everything

my head is filled with disease
my skin is begging you please
i´m on my hands and knees
i want so much to believe

Hey god
Hey god
Hey god

Marilyn Manson - Terrible Lie аккорд песни